Clip Shows


Commercial Clip Show | 26 x 24 min
The newest product of Redlne Enterprises shows 26 episodes of the most unusual an crazy commercials from all over the world

Asia Alarm I,II

Commercial Clip Show | 52 x 24 min
26 episodes with the funniest and most crazy Commercial Clips from Far East spilt up along in Action, Beauty & Body.

Clip Hero I,II

Internet Clip Show | 52 x 24 min
26 episodes with crazy and fantastic clips from the World Wide Web.

Hot Gigs

Clip Show | 13 x 25 min
13 episodes with sexy commercials with a comical touch


Sport Clip Show | 26 x 24 min
New sport bloopers and sport home videos from all over the world.

Sport Rockz

Sport Clip Show | 26 x 24 min
26 shows with the most exciting commercials of the world of sports.

Spot Central I-IV

Commercial Clip Show | 104 x 24 min
104 episodes, filled to the limit with the funniest and most extraordinary commercials of the world.

Children Programs

Vipo I-II – Adventures of the Flying Dog

Animation | 52 x 11 min | TV Specials 4 x 70 min
3-D animated High Definition (HD) children animation series: Target Audience: 4-9 years

Tabaluga I-III

Animation | 78 x 24 min, 72 x 1 min
This is an animated television series for children about a young dragon who is exploring the natural wonders of his exciting world, while trying to protect it from the forces that want to destroy it.

The Stronghold

Adventure Family Movie | 1 x 110 min
The Stronghold is a feature film, based on the novel by the famous Ukranian writer Vladimir Rutkowski. The Novel was nominated for the literaray prize "BBC book of the year 2012".

Car TV Programs


Dicon Media is proud to present the catalogue of Motorvision. Motorvision is one of Europe’s leading creators and producers of automotive-themed television programming. The archive comprising over 3.000 broadcast hours and an excess of 30.000 hours of raw footage covering a wide variety of aspects of the world of automotive topics. More than 100 hours are produced annually, of course all in HD Motorvision TV can be seen over 15 countries around the globe in German, English, and French plus optional subtitles in Arabic, Greek, and Thai. Please feel free to visit the Motorvision Web Page under and see the full variety of titles.

4 x 4

Offroad | 76 x 24 min
The special interest magazine with a focus on automobiles with off-road capability and all-wheel-drive models. Off road vehicles continue to grow in popularity. Are the cars just for show or is trekking through mud what it‘s about – 4_4 reveals which models are really meant for serious off-roading, compares the automobiles in this segment and takes the viewers to special events such as ‚Euro Jeep Camp‘ or the ‚Off road Masters’.

Biker Lifestyle

Bike | 104 x 24 min
Biking is an attitude of life, at least for real cruisers and their choppers. Bike events like the Boss Hoss meeting are an emotional must, and are part of the family. Behind the scenes of biker lives.

Car History

Vintage & Classic Cars Documentary | 54 x 24 min
Car History opens the doors to the “Hall of Fame” of automotive history, where iconic cars, pioneering companies and legendary racing drivers are put on the podium. Using historic photos, original video recordings and direct quotes from designers, historians and racing heroes, each episode tells an unique story and explains how cars were developed, companies evolved and people’s lives changed.

Classic Ride

Vintage & Classic Cars Documentary | 54 x 24 min
Revisiting the past to portray the classic and veteran cars of decades gone by, meeting the personalities who wrote automotive history, sending very old cars running round very fast circuits.

Dream Cars

Sportscar & Luxury Documentary | 20 x 24 min
Grande Emotione! Breath taking Italian supercars, extraordinary British coupes, sophisticated French limousines, exclusive stunning American Muscle Cars, perfect German convertible dreams. Dream Cars celebrates the ultimate car models of each country. The leading car manufactures of the world, the most exciting cars of all times – Dream Cars. - You dream it, we show it.

Motor Stories

Sportscars & Luxury People Documentary | 15 x 24 min
Synopsis: Motor-Stories celebrate the way of drive all around the globe. Breathtaking stories from the amusing universe of car culture. Bizarre people like LA based Porsche Punk Magnus Walker, incredibly and outstanding cars and wild sceneries. Let us entertain you.

Perfect Ride

Test & Trends Documentary | 70 x 24 min
What’s hot and what’s not. There are quests to be undertaken, the search for the ideal auto, for the perfect race track for the ultimate accessory gadget. What are the preferred rides of the race legends?


Sportscar & Luxury Documentary | 152 x 24 min
There are details which set super cars apart from normal cars and these details are essential. Super cars are the biggest, loudest and most expensive cars on the highway; they're four-wheeled works of arts.

Top Ten Show

Test & Trends Documentary | 26 x 24 min
Which were the most expensive cars in days gone by? Which cars were the most ridiculous? And which vehicles are the most sporty? Nadira Tudor knows the answers!



104 min | Drama
German mill owner trying to save his jewish wife and Czech workers during WW II from Nazi terror.


93 min | Biopic
Born in Venice in 1679, Antonio Vivaldi acquired a keen interest in music

Where Eskimos Live

95 Min | Drama
The only thing he wanted was money.


200 Years of Munich Oktoberfest

Documentary | 45 min
Oktoberfest is one of the greatest success-stories of Bavarian history and an important part of Bavarian culture.


Documentary | 73 min
Munich shines! Join us on a visual journey through Munich’s many cultural points of interest and the Okoberfest. These films will motivate you to stroll through Munich yourself. As well, we would like to show you some carefully selected landmarks which you can discover, on your own, during your stay in Munich. This will give you a cultural impression of what you’ll experience on a tour through this world city with a heart.